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Risk Management Solutions

Whether you are a property owner or a tenant, the property dynamics provide a degree of risk not seen in many other aspects of your life. Good or bad housing decision/tenant decision will effect your quality of life on a daily basis. Our risk management process is designed to have everyone sitting on the same side of the table in a collaborate, amicable, “working together” approach. Tenants can be assured that their concerns will be heard in a professional respectful way, documented and followed up on in a reasonable manner. Property owners can be assured that we strive to find the most conscientious tenants who will treat properties in a business relationship with expectations followed through on both sides.


Certification process and code compliance easy and stress free, with BIG's unique collaborative approach and 15 year track record.

With our track record for a collaborative approach and a long history of relationships with city code enforcement professionals, working with your property (or properties) to register, and certify is an easy comfortable process. We photo document every aspect of the process, put it on a schedule, give online access to inspectors, call in certified specialists if it is required and get the job done right, while saving you money and stress.

We have 15 years of experience with city inspections and can honestly say that working with city inspectors has been an enjoyable and reasonable process. They are part of the team of professionals whom we collaborate with and consider them an asset working with us toward liability mitigation. We rely on them to be part of our process, alerting us to issues that might endanger life and property.

Their help as a code expert has provided us with valuable information and another community connection to help us be an asses to the communities we are part of.

Property Owners

The complexity of property ownership is riddled with risk. Our team of experts have a long track record of building the best team to look out for every aspect of your investment and strives to serve you to make investment property ownership, easy, profitable and fun for all of our members.

With the degree of savvy that most tenants possess on their rights as tenants, code compliance and enforcement on the increase, legalities on fair housing and business practices changing, increasing and burdening tax issues, let alone day to day management issues, you could be in for a long and costly ride if you make an innocent mistake. In fact, most property owners don't even understand how far reaching the implication of making a mistake. It could cost them a lot of money, hurt someone else, or worse.

Our team of experts have a long track record of building the best team to look out for every aspect of your investment and strives to serve you to make investment property ownership, easy, profitable and fun for all of our members.

Areas of risk we cover to protect our property owners:

Tenant Resources

  • 24 hour customer service
  • Real Time Accounting and Communication Documentation
  • Thorough tenant screening process and documentation
  • Tenant Relations
  • Fair and equal housing
  • Leasing process
  • Complete accounts documentation
  • Secure payment options and online security
  • Tenant Insurance Options
  • Consistent Communication of expectations for respect for the property and safety
  • Safety Policies

Facility Management

  • Real Time Project and Property integration and documentation
  • Complete documentation
  • Code compliance and certification
  • Project management – permits and inspections
  • Insurance management
  • Inspections
  • Documentation for repairs
  • Maintenance records and schedules
  • Utilities documentation and management
  • Tax schedule compliance


  • Real Time Integration of all aspects of tenant management, facility management, and accounting management
  • Decisions based on risk/NOI and ROI attributes.
  • Tenant Portal, Property Owner Portal, Inspector and Contractor Portal with specific information accessible only by permission


As a tenant you want have the right to peaceful, safe, enjoyment in your home. How do you know that you are choosing a property that will give you those securities, as well as, a safe home and respectful relationship with the property owner, where you will be heard?

BIG Property Management strives to create a positive environment for living. We only represent properties that are within compliance with the law and we lease to people who are willing to abide by the law. We protect both your rights and the rights of the property owners. Leasing a home is a business relationship that requires both parties to uphold the terms of the contracts. You have the right to a safe environment and respectful customer service. Property owners have the right to their terms of the contract to have their property respected and the financial terms of the contract upheld. We have in-house legal council and work to make sure that everyone upholds their terms for the mutual benefit of all.

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