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Reducing the risk for tenants and property owners.

In the ideal world, tenants and landlords work together to help create exciting communities that we all want to live in.  Supporting the local economy, neighborhoods, increasing local jobs, helping investors, facilitating good relationships with certifying entities, while working together to accomplish the goals and dreams of people is what BIG property management is all about.  Tenants and property owners are considered members and work with us to help create the ideal situation serving their individual needs.

Finding a new place to live that suits your needs and expresses who you are can be a risky time consuming process for any tenant.  Conversely finding the ideal tenant who will maintain the property is a risky time consuming process for most landowners.  Time and efficiencies equal money for both sides of the equation.  There is a better way to make your life easier, more cost effective and profitable. We are risk management experts, and help everyone work together, creating a quick, efficient, easy process, where everyone feels like a winner at the end of the day.

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