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24/7 Customer Service Center

Our Customer Service Center rolls out the welcome mat 24/7 to tenants and property owners and gives them access to their account information, concerns, and help with an instant real-time integrated responder policy. Our quick response times help minimize risk and damage in case of an emergency. This benefits both the tenant and the property owner and helps to reduce over-all costs.

We encourage all contact as a way to help you help us to be on top of things. 

In case of a fire or crisis situation call 911 immediately
BIG Property Management Emergency Number  - 616.649.6908
Service and Maintenance Requests



Tenants Services 

community information, account information, payment and maintenance

24 Hour phone services for emergency service – all other requests are received by email for documentation purposes and follow-up

Home Improvement Center

  • Instant Account Information
  • Online Rent and Bill Payment Options – with real-time instant posting
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Utilities Information
  • Insurance Information


Community Connections – the People Place

  • You are Invited - Community Information and Events
  • We want to hear from you – Resident and Community Feedback
  • Online Bulletin Board – to help social network (integrated community wall)
  • Interaction with others
  • Welcome Mat – relocation to the area connections
  • Legal Center. . .what are your rights as a tenant. . .we want you to know and will work with you to have a professional representative, working for mutually positive outcomes

Property Owner Services

financial reports, investment analysis, facility management

Risk Management Center

  • In-house Legal Council
  • CPA Oversight
  • Code Compliance connection to help schedule and accomplish painless, collaborative, reasonable, code compliance
  • Tenant Relations

Account Instant real-time integration

  • Financial Management
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • CPA oversight for professional accurate reporting
  • CPA oversight to make sure financial decisions are made for reporting accuracy, risk mitigation, and optimization of investment tax benefits

Investment Center

  • Facility Management
  • Real time access to facility documentation
  • Code Compliance Certification Management
  • Attached Documentation for all aspects of property documentation
  • NOI and ROI evaluation tools

Tenant Relations, Placing and Leasing

  • Complete integration of tenant relations, including legal and appropriate consistent communications to keep everyone on the same team.
  • Our expertise in tenant relations works to find tenants who are ethical, responsible and respectful to our property owners and their investments
  • Complete on-going tenant relations and reporting
  • Thorough tenant screening, application, and leasing
  • Real-time reporting and integration 
  • CMS our proprietary system includes consistent, systematic communication with the tenant for long term positive customer satisfaction
  • CMS feedback on our services from tenants to you to ensure that we are giving you the seam-less, transparent customer service, to represent you as a professional property owner, in the best possible way.


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